Favorite LEGO blogs

These are simply my favorite LEGO blogs. I check these daily as they have very regular updates.

  • The Brothers-Brick

  • LEGO Diem

  • Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day

  • Model Building Secrets

  • The Living Brick

  • Brickd

  • BrickPOP
  • Image hosting sites

    Use these sites to share photos of your LEGO creations and see those of other builders.

    LEGO resources

    Here are some fan-created LEGO resource sites:

  • Alltop LEGO news

  • BrickFactory Instructions

  • BrickJournal LEGO news site and magazine

  • Bricklink Buy and sell LEGO

  • Brickset Set Guide

  • BrickWiki Fan-built encyclopedia

  • Hall of Bricks Community guide

  • Jain's Guide LEGO sci-fi news

  • LEGO Official site

  • LEGOFan Ambassadors and other resources

  • Peeron Inventories and instructions

  • Wiki-Brick-Links Interactive link list
  • General LEGO communities

    These online LEGO communities cover a broad spectrum of topics and nationalities:

  • Brick Horizon

  • Builders Lounge

  • Eurobricks

  • Lugnet
  • Theme-based LEGO forums

    Here is an incomplete listing of LEGO forums devoted to specific LEGO themes or styles of building:
  • Adventurers.dk Adventurers

  • Brickfilms Animation

  • BZPower Bionicle

  • Classic-Castle Castle

  • Classic-Space Space

  • EXO-FORCE.net Exo-Force

  • From Bricks to Bothans Star Wars

  • ILTCO Trains

  • Imperium Der Steine Star Wars (German)

  • LDraw Computer Aided Design

  • Mask of Destiny Bionicle

  • MCN Customization

  • Mecha Hub Mecha

  • Modellbaufans Rheinland e.V. Trains (German)
  • Nationality-based LEGO forums

    Here is an incomplete listing of online LEGO forums based around nationality (or language):

    LEGO podcasts

    Mostly defunct. I'd love to see another podcast rise up to fill the void.